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  Table of Contents by Title

The Ideal Woman” by Cindy Marquez — This essay examines the portrayal of women in advertisements, particularly the Victoria Secret Angels line.

Running Out of Water” by Anahi Lara — This ad analysis uses descriptive language to argue passionately for more careful attention to the perils of climate change.

Axe Advertising” by Marvin Guerra — In this ad analysis essay, Guerra discusses Axe’s advertising strategies employed in the “Even Angels Fall” advertisement.

Till Eternity” by Jose Cuardos — This essay analyzes the video for Justin Timberlake’s song “Mirrors” and compares it to the film The Notebook, arguing that close analysis of the video reveals that the song is in fact about the singer’s grandparents, and not about his own marriage, as critics have suggested.

The Confident Woman” by Saleh Alajmi —  This essay contrasts a Folger’s coffee commercial from the 1960s and a current ad campaign by Pantene, and compares the portrayal of women between them.

Misleading Gym Advertisements” by Andrew Ovsepyan — This essay analyses three ads placed around World’s Gym in Tujunga, and argues that they create unrealistic expectations for those who come to exercise.

Feminist” by Zully Munoz — In this essay, the author performs a rhetorical analysis of an image created by UN Women, engaging the image from a critical and a personal perspective.

Target: Empowering the People” by Amy Young — This essay analyzes advertisements and marketing strategies employed by Target that reveal an emphasis on gender, LGBTQ, and ethnic equality.

Seeing More Broadly” by Mary Dzhuryan — In this essay, Dzhuryan uses close reading and supporting sources to argue against critics who suggest that Sia’s “Electric Heart” music video pushes beyond the boundaries of good taste, and instead suggesting that the work is a powerful work of art.





Free Write:

What does the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” mean?

What Does the Writer Say?

  1. Using “The Ideal Women, According to Advertisers,” analyze the evidence the author uses in each paragraph to support her position. How does each paragraph provide different kinds of evidence?
  2. Examine “Axe Advertising.” How has the author composed his introduction paragraph? What is the strategy he uses to grab your attention? Do you find the introduction effective? Why or why not?
  3. In “Misleading Gym Advertisements,” the writer says that advertisements send the wrong messages to people working out in the gym. According to Ovesepyan, what are those messages? Does he effectively convince the reader of this? What is his evidence?

What Do You Say?

  1. In “Running Out of Water,” the author concludes that “we have to act fast and change our habits.” What are some habits that you can think of that might increase sustainability?
  2. Watch the music video “Mirrors,” by Justin Timberlake. What is your analysis of the video? To what extent do you agree with the author’s analysis that the song is dedicated to Timberlake’s grandparents?
  3. In “Feminist,” the writer asserts repeatedly how powerful the women are who are being silenced. The writer attributes this to inequality in gender roles. Do you agree or disagree with this assessment? Might there be another intention behind the UN ad campaign? Google the ad and provide your own reading of the image.
  4. In “Seeing More Broadly,” Dzhuryan defends the video based on artist integrity. Are there ever situations where artists cross the line? Discuss a few examples of this

Section Writing Assignments:

  1. Authors Cindy Marquez and Marvin Guerra both analyze commercials that portray women as angels, but are targeted towards different gender identities. If the two authors were to have a conversation, how would they each respond to each other’s essays? On what points would they agree or disagree?
  2. Visual communication is all around us. Re-read the essays in this section and come to a consensus about the kinds of messages that appear to be communicated over others. Write a 5 paragraph essay arguing a position about this kind of communication advertisers use and why that’s important to understand. In your essay consider what kind of society is being depicted in the messages. Use 2 or 3 of the essays in this section for your evidence, using at least one as a counter to your argument.