The Struggles of Gender and Sexual Identity in Modern Society

American society shames specific people based on how they identify themselves. In the novel Every Day by David Levithan and the article called “Relearning the Mothertongue: Notes from a Second Generation Queer ” by Ryn Gluckman, both authors discuss gender and sexual identities. The novel’s main character “A” changes bodies each day and isn’t able to stay within one gender […]

American Ingenuity: The Car Company Made by You  

American-made cars are often seen as inferior in the automobile market. However, the “Imported from Detroit” Chrysler 200 commercial seeks to change this idea. This commercial first aired in 2011 during the half time of Super Bowl XLV, which saw the Pittsburg Steelers go against the Green Bay Packers. The Chrysler company paid the hefty price of […]

More Than A Friend

My literacy journey with comics and reading began when I was living in my country, Kuwait. At that time, my family had a get-together in my grandfather’s house on a daily basis to help build a strong relationship between the family members, especially the kids. When I was 4 years old, I used to spend […]

Men Who Are Miles High

    In the 1930s,  during the Great Depression, many union workers would do anything to put food on their plates. During this time, skyscrapers were under construction, and union workers would work unharnessed on a steel beam above the city. A photograph of these men was taken on September 20th, 1932 and is enough to make the […]

Tende: The Foundation of My Family.

Although every family is different, there is one thing that every family has in common. Whether it is a place or object, every family has something that is close to their hearts. That place or object creates an emotional response as soon as you think of it or see it. In the case of my […]

Letter to Dad: Garbology

Dear Dad, I miss you and the rest of the family very much. So far, I’m starting to feel more adjusted to the CSUN campus and my classes. Hey Dad, remember when I came home over the weekend and you asked, “What’s that book you’re reading? What’s Garbology?” Well Dad, in my English 113A class, I was assigned […]

Hope Lost in the Ocean’s Ugliness

Isolated in an ocean of grey, none others present but the clear loose plastic that surrounds the abandon wooden boat. A wooden boat whose appearance looks like rusty, ancient handles bars from a forgotten bicycle. This immense amount of waste floating on a grime-filled body of water is motionless. His hope is trapped in the […]

U.S.A.: Unequal States of America

  Unity. What does unity mean to the United States of America? The state of being united or joined as a whole is the meaning of “unity.”  Can we say that America is unified? Based on recent news, I would say no. A major part of being unified is by showing equality and fairness. In […]

Metal Music

Metal music has had a bad reputation since it began in the late 1960’s. Society believed that metal music is a bad influence because of the way the music sounds, its lyrics, and the fans’ appearance.  Many people believe that metal fans are less intelligent than those who embrace pop culture because of their love […]

The Reality of Beauty

Women want to feel beautiful in their own skin, but it seems hard to do that with the pressure that the media gives them. Nowadays, the media tells a woman how to be a woman; they have created their ideal image of what a woman should be. To the media, beauty is: tiny waist, perfect hair, flawless […]